Payne is very beautiful, kind, intelligent. If your name is Payne you can overcome any pain life throws at you. Payne is the kind of person who sees the world for what it really is. Payne can only really love someone she can be herself around. The name Payne is special and unique for a special and unique person.
Payne can also be a shortened version of Paynevere, Paynette, and Payna.
by Payneyyyy March 25, 2020
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Doesn't get much hoes but will rock your shit.
Payne doesn't get any pussy.
by Cuminunderagegirls January 16, 2021
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when you are feeling pain but want to say it in a cool way. liam paynes name is the cool way to type it. when you want to tell other directioners you are feeling sad you would say I'm in payne.
"liam payne with no liam" "i got broken up with, all payne no liam" "im in payne"
by 0nesubtraction November 10, 2020
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A two faced liar that cheats on his wife.

He Hates women but can't live without them. He is a punk and has a small penis. He steals from his friends and never contributes to the party. He's a user and a looser. His truck is in his mom's name. He's a want-a-be, anything but a Payne. He is just like his father, a perverted man hire. He's indigent and weak minded. Cunt is his favorite description for any woman who
won't play the pitiful game he calls

"LIFE". He is a Self Righteous, Narsisitic,
Lonely, excuse for a human being.
The Payne took all the money to gamble on Keno.
by LMAOatU November 22, 2017
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Payne, my definition of Payne. Payne is an amazing person. Payne has a beautiful smile, with an amazing personality, that nobody sees. Everyone hates on him, even though he is a great person, inside and out. Payne has an beautiful smile, that nobody notices, as all they do is hate.
Down there, the photo right there, is my Payne smiling, beautifully
by LIAMPAYNESSMILING August 13, 2020
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