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the mature one in the band "One Direction" currently on a "18 month" hiatus. If all the one direction members were drunk, he would probably be the one contemplating life. He loves dogs and puppies as much as we love him. In a Buzzfeed interview with dogs, he named a dog Pete, which he eventually had to let go of. He has an unusual fear of spoons. If you want to know really how scared he is of spoons, you can watch the second episode of "Adventurous Adventures of One Direction" on Youtube created by the amazing Mark Parsons. He deserves more recognition than he receives. His smile will melt your heart and you die a little inside when he looks straight into your eyes (of course through your device because you will never get to meet him in a million years *sob*). People like Liam are hard to find because he is just AMAZING. He still remains humble even though he has turn into an international superstar. BTS fans you have got to stop comparing Liam to your idols, they are both amazing in their own ways!! Enjoys having water fights with Louis Tomlinson, otherwise known as Lilo. BTW One Direction PLEASE come back!!
Liam Payne: 1...2...3.. FLICK
by onedirectionpleasecomeback September 08, 2018

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