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Sweet 16 is for the 16th birthday, which for girls is important because it symbolizes the becoming of a woman. For guys it's just another birthday, so they could give a shit less about it.
Bday girl: omg i'm turning 16 omg! This is going to be the bestest bday eva! I'm going to get so much, most likely a CAR! Best of all i'm going to be a woman!!

Another girl: omg i'm sooo happy for you omg! I can't wait untill i turn 16!!
Guy: Dude your turning 16 on tuesday. So it's going to be your sweet 16, you excited?

Bday guy: Psshh and i care because? Dude it's just another fucking birthday, nothing special.
by Jaccob March 23, 2006
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for females, its an excuse to get dressed up and get tons of presents and feel like a princess.

for guys however, the sweet 16 is just another birthday and a awesome excuse to get hammered off your ass. as if we need an excuse.
girl- "id like to thank everyone for coming, i feel so great right now!!! i hope you all have fun"

guy- "ok my parents wont be home till tomorrow so drink up, if you throw up you drink more! if you see a cop hide in the crawl space or book it out the fire escape."

sweet 16s are fun
by john loves the bulls August 03, 2006
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A teenager's sixteenth birthday and is the biggest deal for a girl, it's been my experience that boys don't care as much

if you're lucky you get a few tiffany's boxes, i know i did
Im a good kid and didn't get hammered on my 16th bday like everyone else
by itsnotmeitsyou April 05, 2004
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First song off the mini-album Swim by the band Feeder, was used in the original PAL Gran Turismo
Sweet 16, you could be, anywhere, see yourself, standing there
via giphy
by electrocirno May 19, 2019
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