When Barack Obama used to smoked pot at 2:00 AM, self confessed at WHCD 2013.
I remember when Buzzfeed was something I did back in college at 2 AM.
by Polly Tick April 29, 2013
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At buzzfeed people think if you are male or white you are probably satan as well they are the only channel that can make videos such as questions white people have for with people
Oh he works at buzzfeed he must be annoying
by I hate Karen January 7, 2019
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literal fucking cancer that's run by people who think men and whites belong in the tenth circle of hell.
some dude: hey who's that guy
some other dude: oh fuck its Buzzfeed run for your lives before you get caught by their white people magnet
by satteleview April 16, 2020
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A group of far leftwing individuals who can’t see past the tips of there noses to realize their life problems are nothing compared to those in third world countries.
We would all like to see things from buzzfeeds point of view, but we can’t seem to get our heads that far up our asses.
by Nels0n22 November 9, 2018
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Autism, cancer and aids balled into one wow how lucky are we
Buzzfeed... Shit man that is just autism
by Jermain22 February 12, 2018
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Like Huffpost, but for demented children with profound cognitive impairment, or quirky girls who think they're feminists but talk about unicorns in baby voices, are vegan, have blue hair and suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.
Dippy girl: Hey, look at this article on Buzzfeed about cats being pumped for Taylor Swift's new album.
Dippy girl's carer: Have you taken your pills today?
by Klaatu's Nikto November 28, 2017
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