The largest human trap run by a Mouse. See also: disneyworld.
I went to Disneyland on vacation excited, happy and rich, and left poor, tired, and sick.
I'm going again next year.
by _allismine_ June 6, 2006
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Slang for a place to get bomb weed.
I've got to go to Disneyland tonight, I'm Dankrupt.
by BlueberryBeatle October 5, 2016
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A place which costs a fortune to get into, yet your kids won’t acknowledge this and have autistic fits of rage until you end up succumbing to their wishes and take them there, all for what? Taking pictures with “Mickey Mouse”, riding a coaster that 99.9% of the time IS THEMED AROUND A MOUNTAIN, and having to drag your children all the way back home while they screech like an ape getting skinned alive.
Billy screamed like a goat being beaten to death when he saw Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, when in reality, it was just a man sweating to death that took a picture with him just so he could be paid minimum wage.
by (-AstroBad-) November 16, 2018
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The happiest place on earth. Walter Elias Disney's creation. It was, is, and always will be the happiest place on earth. Unfortunately, Disney is becoming more and more of a currupt company. Down Sides: expensive tickets, souveneirs and food, long lines, and occasional ride being closed.
Despite some of this, it's still awesome
Disneyland is REALLY fun to go to despite it's down sides!
by disneyimagineer March 11, 2012
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Back in the day, Disneyland had you buy tickets according to the things you wanted to see, and it's prices were extremely affordable - rather than a whole month's salary as they are now. However, once Walt Disney died, the theme park started to go down hill from there.

This is how we have arrived at a theme park that claims to be the happiest place on Earth, yet:

1) Over populates the park by 3 times as much people as should be allowed in, effectively ensuring your elbow will be touching someone else's elbow for the next 10 hours.

2) Overprices EVERYTHING. From tickets that are near a hundred dollars a piece, to food and merchandise that is 5 times the price it should be, if you have money to burn, Disney can do that for you.
What is Disneyland?

The greediest place on Earth.
by Tyrannosaurus Flex June 27, 2014
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The happiest place in the entire world; life, the universe, and everything; Walt's perfect/utopian kingdom in which everyone may be happy; the last hope for goodness in the world
I want to go to Disneyland everyday of my life because it is simply the BEST!!!!
by "Partners" May 26, 2008
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(n) yet another Urban Dictionary entry prone to Urban Censorship
Disneyland has ghost posts.
by fduck May 18, 2004
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