To give someone the appearance that you're speaking to them kindly, when you're actually insulting & belittling them.
"I got you a mask to wear so nobody can see your ugly face." (Guy #1)

"Man, don't patronize me!" (Guy #2)

"I was only trying to help you so you don't embarrass yourself or scare anyone." (Guy #1)

"Muthafucka, stop patronizing me!" (Guy #2)

"My bad. I'm sorry I keep bringing up how ugly you are. It's not your fault you look like that." (Guy #1)

"Man, fuck you!" (Guy #2)
by JustMeJoeKing October 31, 2018
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Patronize is talking to people as if they are stupid. (like i am doing right now)
do i really need an example? i dont think so. fngh
by Pokemonfreak1231 November 23, 2004
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To treat someone as inferior as a result of some sort of help they accepted from you and to feel you have right to teach, control, or check on them. Clearly not a noble behavior.
A:When will Teresa's parents stop patronize her, checking up on her every breath all the time?...
B:Probably never! You know..people like them will feel like that with their children forever..
by cooltrixie June 20, 2016
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Patronize: pah-tro-nhyze
-verb (used with object), -ized, -izing.

1. to give a friend or person of interest a shot of or drink containing Patron Tequila to get them f*cked up! in a good way =D
Used in a sentence: "Yeah I 'PATRONIZED' that b*tch and her friends, then we danced all night long...Next thing you know she throws up on my good shirt...Didn't know she had the alcohol tolerance of a 5 year old."
by Teddy-Pain April 20, 2010
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Getting extremely drunk by taking shots of vodka or rum, followed by shots of Patron.
A: Gurl, did you see how drunk Stella got last night?
B: Yea, I heard she took seven shots and then patronized.

A: OoO. Patronizing gets you fucked up! Amen to those who patronize.
by Chipothead July 24, 2011
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Something you have to do to women so they feel validated.
Females can't have conversations like men.

They don't want honesty, they don't want their world view challenged.
Girl: "How do I look?"
Guy: "You look... great!"
Girl: "Don't patronize me!"
Guy: "Fine ok, that dress is stupid, the frills are gonna drag on the ground. You're gonna be cold later and ask for my coat."
Girl: "Really!? You know what!? FUCK YOU!! You're such an asshole!"
by Phantom649 June 03, 2019
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To speak to someone with apparent kindness, but with hidden sarcasm, or a hidden insult.
"Your SO good with everything, Abby, " said Trisha. That is patronizing.
by Hemera 🌺 January 08, 2015
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