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An emo girl. Typically they try hard to be independent, but are way less stable than most chicks.
It's all a facade. She is more controlling, needy, and damaged.
Aggressive appearance is a necessity for her, because without black and spikes, she fears she will be taken advantage of, or bossed around.
Barely capable of controlling herself or her thoughts, she must use her appearance as a stage prop, to maintain a level of aggression and edge at all times. Practically paranoid. Perpetual victim. Depression and other mental illnesses. Drug using hedonists. Floozy. Over tattooed and pierced. Sometimes ugly-izes them self so that no man can hurt them again. Usually if not always, a Feminist.
Basically a bag in the wind, or driftwood at sea.
Usually a side effect of society and bad fathering, the Emo Slut is not self aware.
by Phantom649 June 3, 2019
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Writing a definition about your name on Urban Dictionary, in a flattering manner.
It's all bullshit and you know it, but you're so depressed and pathetic, that you have to manufacture ego-boosts.
Martin: "I caught my sister writing on UD about people with HER name...'

Edwardo: "wow... esteem posting. lame."
by Phantom649 June 3, 2019
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When you stay up all night and start to lose mental functions.
Bro.... Been awake 29 hours... I'm in the zombie zone.
Gotta sleep
by Phantom649 June 3, 2019
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Thots who crouch in group pictures, to make themselves look small and cute, even though they are wearing heels.
Squat Thots also typically complain that men are too short, despite them wearing heels.
"See by the bar over there? Group Photo? A whole Squad of Squat Thots. Why the fuck do they do that?"
by Phantom649 June 3, 2019
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A combination of Matriarchy and Malarkey.
Women ruling is nonsense. Men world wide do not respect women.
Women cannot kick men's ass. Men have something like 27 times more testosterone than women.
Females have 40% more emotion circuits in their brain than men.
Women are built to interface with children.
Estrogen exposure in the womb makes women highly attractive, and too much can cause psychosis.
(no connection to reality, emotions = reality)

If a man gets too much testosterone in the womb, he becomes autistic and stuff.
Obsessing with machines and functions, but lacking social ability.
Medieval history shows that queens started more wars than kings.
Lesbian relationships are MORE VIOLENT than heterosexual relationships.
Women are not socialized to physical competition, so they overkill it, when they burst out, and almost never receive physical punishment like men do.
Women are unfairly spared the death penalty for murder in most cases.
Lesbians have historically proposed legislation which destroys countries.
J. D. Unwin "Sex and Culture" 1934. He studied 85 cultures. 80 small, 5 big, including Rome.
Women cannot rule what they don't understand, and didn't create. Societies all fall the same way.
Repeal the 19th.
Matra-larkey will kill us all.... eventually, if we let it.
by Phantom649 June 3, 2019
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A euphemism meaning "one must handle carefully"
To treat someone with a different set of standards, different language, different expectations.
To soft-talk an individual, sparing them the gory details of reality.
Gotta use kid gloves on females, because they can't handle reality.
by Phantom649 June 3, 2019
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A magical word people add to their arguments to fortify their beliefs REGARDLESS of what the scientific data ACTUALLY SAYS.
Women have higher pain tolerance than men... it's "science" bro!
me: no, actually, they report higher levels of pain than men, and quit sooner in painful experiments.
Men actually have a higher pain tolerance than women. That is REAL science.
by Phantom649 June 3, 2019
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