I line used in psychology to make someone break down and open up emotionally if repeated over and over again.
Person 1: Hey look, it's not your fault
Person 2: I know
Person 1: It's not your fault
Person 2: Yeah, I know.
Person 1: No, you don't, it's not your fault
Person 2: I KNOW!
Person 1: It's not your fault
Person 2: Don't fuck with me man, not you man.
Person 1: It's not your fault
Person 2: *breaks down into tears* crying, It's just so hard
Person 1: It's ok
by thehellboya May 20, 2012
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A saying used when a goalkeeper makes a serious error in a football match that leads to the team not keeping a clean sheet
It’s your fault Joe” said Aidan after he threw away a clean sheet today
by Joe is shit September 15, 2018
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When one person makes a mistake, but admits fault while placing the blame and/or responsibility on someone else, mostly to avoid responsibility while often putting the scapegoat in an awkward situation.
Derek: Damn, man. Not only did Alan forgot to tell me that a specifications changed and all the work that I did this week is now useless, he asked me to do mandatory overtime this weekend since apparently it’s his turn to have his daughter, and he threatened to fire me if I told management what really happened.

John: So a "my bad, your fault" situation. What a jackass!
by edw007 June 27, 2022
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