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a first year student in high school or college. For some reason upperclassmen seem to think that they are the lowest form of human beings ever to walk the earth.
upperclassman: Born 3 or less years ago than me?!? they deserve NO RESPECT!
me: weren't you a freshmen like 2 months ago?

i'm not a freshman, really
by pokemonfreak1231 January 01, 2006

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Patronize is talking to people as if they are stupid. (like i am doing right now)
do i really need an example? i dont think so. fngh
by Pokemonfreak1231 November 23, 2004

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i must re-iterate that Phish can destroy your phavorite band on stage.
comprised of phour incredibly talented muscicians
Page McConnell - Pianos
Trey Anastasio - guitars
Mike Gordon - Bass
Jon Fishman - drums

Phish sucks you say? Phuck you
AC/DC bag is Phish's greatest song
go listen to it.
by Pokemonfreak1231 December 19, 2004

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In baseball - to hit a home run.
wow! that ball went flying. looks like a homer.
by pokemonfreak1231 January 12, 2005

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THE BEST GUITARIST ALIVE. known mostly from PHISH he has released a few solo albums too. If anybody says he sucks they can go to canada with all the other useless people.
Phish is gone but Trey Lives!
by Pokemonfreak1231 November 23, 2004

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The sound nerds make when portraying true nerdish qualities or when pushing up their glasses.
not pronounced Fuh nuh guh huh
Nerd: Hey dudeth! wanna play pokemon in my tweehouthe? FNGH
You: fuck off lameass
Nerd: pweathe! my mom is making cookieth!
by Pokemonfreak1231 October 23, 2004

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a tv show from the seventies about a medical unit in the army during the Korean war. it had its funny moments I suppose
M*A*S*H* was on for 10 years i think
by Pokemonfreak1231 December 05, 2004

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