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THE BEST GUITARIST ALIVE. known mostly from PHISH he has released a few solo albums too. If anybody says he sucks they can go to canada with all the other useless people.
Phish is gone but Trey Lives!
by Pokemonfreak1231 November 23, 2004
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A reptile without appendages. has a forked tongue that it smells with. cannot blink. fngh
let me clear this up. snakes are NOT poisonous. snakes are VENOMOUS. poisonous means if you eat it you get sick. nobody eats snakes except hicks.
by Pokemonfreak1231 September 5, 2005
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the nickname of JIM MORRISON of The Doors, a band from the 60's. Jim died in either the late 60's or early early 70's from a drug overdose
by Pokemonfreak1231 December 12, 2004
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a tv show from the seventies about a medical unit in the army during the Korean war. it had its funny moments I suppose
by Pokemonfreak1231 December 5, 2004
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LACFY is a handy online ackronym for
"Let's all clap for you!"
Adam: Yes! i just got a C on Mrs. Williams final!
You: Let's all clap for you
by Pokemonfreak1231 October 31, 2004
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Junta is a studio album by the 90's Jam band Phish
phish is a great band and Junta is one of the best ones.
by Pokemonfreak1231 December 9, 2004
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1 word for this "game."
it would be...what is it? oh yeah Gay
Nerd: i play pokemon!
non-lameass: i know who's ass to kick!
by Pokemonfreak1231 April 15, 2005
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