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without moral values /hard work, owning one’s decisions and actions, accepting responsibility/consequences of one’s actions, having some sense of personal pride/honor, telling the truth, not harming innocent people by accusing them of wrong doing without evidence..having no moral integrity in this sense is classed as a corruption of one’s character and if it is widely prevalent in a society we can class this society/and e.g. a workplace culture/as corrupt. not a good sign as corrupt societies cant survive /Roman empire.../
Donald Trump is an icon of a corruption of American society
by cooltrixie July 1, 2019
a whore, someone who would shag for any other reason than love /possibly loneliness/, including an average woman not ready to spend money sensibly and so needing extra cash for her fags/booze and posh clothes. make no mistakes, some women are forced to sell their bodies and those do not count. other than that each slut is a corrupt character /lazy, avoiding any effort, shifting her workload on a college and making hardworking people loose their job through slandering/more of them than not
that nice girl there mind is a slut. she is double faced and make sure you avoid being with her alone
by cooltrixie July 1, 2019
To treat someone as inferior as a result of some sort of help they accepted from you and to feel you have right to teach, control, or check on them. Clearly not a noble behavior.
A:When will Teresa's parents stop patronize her, checking up on her every breath all the time?...
B:Probably never! You know..people like them will feel like that with their children forever..
by cooltrixie June 20, 2016