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Someone who uses steroids in order to aid in the production of muscle mass
Mark McGuire is a juicehead
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
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someone who does steroids and is an asshole.
EW! Look at that greasy red-faced juice head. He loves steroids.
by kat June 18, 2006
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Juice head is someone abusing steroids almost to a point of addiction, Usually steming from underlying issues of self worth or confidence.

Sure signs of juice head: Nautal developed muscle is usually ridgid with a grainy look with sharp edges. clear visible veins from blood viscosity. (Developed muscle is scar tissue)

Juice Heads look "Puffy" or "Swollen" another term "Swoll" Typically this is only a temporary look as the muscle is retaining more fluid. so continual use is need to obtain look.

Puffy face, alot of juicers are un-proportioned meaning larger upper body with skinny legs.

Side effects: Trashed liver, possible greasy skin (Achne) debateable anger issues. Thyroid problems, natural growth failure (growth hormone)in adolesents, decrease in natural Testosterone leading to shrinking of testicles.

"Juice"- long time code among atheletes in bodybuilding and strength training.

Added "Head" usually meaning someone who takes it to the extreme or only motivated by a particular. Ex: Dick head, Pot head, crack head.
HaHa look at that dumbass juice head, wanna buy him a milk?!
by 2chase January 27, 2011
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Much like the term Gorilla, it derives from the show Jersey Shore where the women are absolutely retarded and think they are clever or something by making up names for their equally stupid male friends.
Snooki: Let's go and gut us some gorillas and Juiceheads!

JWOW: Yeah! I want to be a dumb slut too!
by CaptainJack001 November 30, 2011
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a person that workouts! and u call them juice head! cause they always look like they on steriods!
bodybuilders, diesel ppl in magazines, people that buy supplements from gnc and vitamin shoope! juice head!
by mike sorano April 24, 2006
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Someone who has a cup of juice on their head. Apparently.
Jaymie: "Look at Dave, he is a juice head."

Pete: "Why, because he has a glass of orange juice on his head?"

Jaymie: Yes.
by Jaymoi July 30, 2010
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