1 an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances; drama

2 a complaint or grievance; beef

ORIGIN Caribbean: derived from earlier Jamaican term, passa passa. Popular in Bermuda.
yo, you heard about dat fight up in dockyard? dat was some real passa

she don't talk to aceboy no more. dey got some passa
by JuanDeBermudez December 08, 2010
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A well known dancehall reggae event, or street dance/gathering on Spanish Town Road in the Tivoli Gardens section of Kingston, Jamaica. The dance occurs on a Wednesday night, many times finishing at 8am Thursday morning. The event began Ash Wednesday (a national holiday in Jamaica) in 2003. It has remained the most important dancehall night/event in Jamaica and the world. Passa Passa DVD's are sold worldwide and have become virtual guide videos, spreading current dancehall style and culture across the globe. Passa Passa has lead a resurgence of street dances in Kingston, Jamaica. Passa Passa is a place where rival ghetto communities can gather, in a safe environment, socialize and party. It has also brought the Uptown dancehall proponents out of the clubs, to a Downtown outdoor event. The sound system Swatch International is in charge of the entertainment. Well known selectors or dj's that perform on a sometimes rotating basis are Maestro, Likkle Richie, and Tony Matterhorn. Famous Jamaican male dancers and female dancehall queens appear here weekly. The world renound "dutty wine" dance was propelled to international fame at Passa Passa. The dance continues into morning commute time, slowing down traffic along Spanish Town Road. The cars, vans, and buses become part of the dancefloor at times, with dancers entering cars or dancing provocatively on vehicle roofs.
The crowd at Passa Passa was thick, blocking the morning commuter traffic to Coronation Market.
by Catfish John March 15, 2007
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1. confusion 2. commotion

Also refers to a Jamaican street-dance of the same name.
Literally: Mix-up, Mix-up
Origin: Jamaican

1. Me and the girl in one big "passa passa".
The girl and I are in one big "confusion".

2. What kinda "passa passa" a happen outside?
What kind of "commotion" is happening outside?
by Irie Daddy October 27, 2007
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Portuguese expression for an ass that old and wrincled. Like a grandmas ass. Like a raisin
Aquela gaja tem cá um cu de passa!

A tua avó tem cu de passa.

O teu cu de passa tirou-me a tesão.
by Joel o Besouro June 10, 2020
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