Street dance refers to contemporary vernacular dance forms that evolved in urban and suburban areas, such as towns or cities, as part of some urban culture. Some examples of street dance sub-categories are "hip hop dance", "funk dance", "house dance", "rave dance", "rock dance", "traditional jazz dance", "clog dance", "club dance" and "salsa dance".

It's not exactly known when the term was first introduced. However, it is known that all street dance forms derives from past folk, tribal, fad and freestyle dancing.

Street dance is popular amongst young people, especially those of african-american descent.
Industrial dance is a street dance that evolved amongst the cybergoth and rivethead cultures as a reaction to the fusion of industrial music with other electronic dance music, such as electro house and dark rave music genres.
by mrSiz April 28, 2011
when u do urban style dance n do compitions n dance offs 2 bcome propa stret dancer
yestaday me n me hobies went to street dance
by eshasha February 9, 2006