A once-popular system of telecommunications, in which the sender would contact the telegram service and speak their message over the phone. The person taking the message would then send it, via a teletype machine, to a telegram office near the receiver's address. The message would then be hand-delivered to the addressee. From 1851 until it discontinued the service in 2006, Western Union was the best-known telegram service in the world.
Hey, let's send Mom a telegram for her birthday! She just loves receiving that little yellow envelope.
by PBM19 January 13, 2008
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basically an app that drug dealers use to show their customers their prices and what theyre selling
bro did u see what my plug posted on telegram last night ??
by pickledecimator123 August 14, 2023
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person: hey do you know what is telegram?
person: why am i talking alone, i have no friends
by professional retarded December 6, 2021
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A secure cloud-based chatting platform made by Telegram FZ LLC.
Telegram is a (mostly) Open-Source, high-performance app, available on Windows, macOS / OS X, Android, IOS, and Linux.
Telegram's main purpose is to keep users safe (and keep their data safe) from hackers, snooping employees, etc.
Telegram is easy to use. There are also tons of ways you can customize the client to make it look however you want it to. (You can change colors, backgrounds, shadows, styles, etc)

Telegram's Terms of Service show that they aren't allowed to use your data for anything other than passing it and processing it to the user(s) you're chatting with.

It also supports End-To-End encrypted Secret Chats and self-destructing messages.
Secret Chats are chats that aren't kept on Telegram's servers, they're directly passed trough the servers from one user to the other, allowing for extremely safe conversations. Screenshots also can't be taken while inside a Secret Chat.

Self-destructing messages automatically delete themselves from the users, and from Telegrams servers.
There are also bots on Telegram, allowing the users to have automated services inside their chats (such as GIF searching services and others). Bots have a option called "Privacy mode" that doesn't allow them to see the conversation that users are having, while in this mode, the bots can only detect and react when they are called by their prefix (example: "/command").
Person 1: "Did you know that Discord has nothing in their Terms of service telling you that they can't sell your data?"
Person 1: "It would be safer if we talk on Telegram."
by KKito January 9, 2020
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armed forces term referring to the telegram received by a family member informing them about the death of their relative during active service
"Mackall squinted ahead, trying to see whatever enemy vehicle the helicopters missed. It didn't have to be a vehicle. It just could be three guys with a missile launcher, and Mrs. Mackall would get The Telegram, regretting to inform her that her son . . . " - from Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy
by pseudok May 23, 2010
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A shot comprised of half Jaegermeister and half Tequila.

Named after the German proposal to Mexico to go to war with the United States. The telegram was intercepted by the US and Mexico just ignored it.
Guy 1: "I want to make a really bad decision:
Guy 2: "Bartender get me two Zimmerman Telegrams!!!"
by laziejim May 7, 2010
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means to suddenly reject all other forms of social media with the justification that "freedom of opinion is violated". Is often associated with conspiracy beliefs or people discussing "alternative facts". Since there is a lack of community guidelines on Telegram, these people feel especially comfortable spreading b*llocks on this platform.
You heard the breaking news?
Michael Wendler has just gone Telegram.

To go Telegram gets increasingly popular during a pandemic.
by piet3.14159 November 22, 2020
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