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The time period in which the entire world experienced the Coronavirus outbreak.
History Teacher in the 2100's: "Tomorrow we're gonna learn about the modern dark ages, including Coronation."
by Drummer_Boi May 04, 2020
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When someone gets infected with the coronavirus.
Dave: Did you hear that Johnny got the coronavirus?
Jen: Yeah, man. I called that poor sucker and he told me about his coronation.
by moth_on_the_web March 26, 2020
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place. Town in Canada that sits boldly upon the bare prairies surrounded by wheat fields and arthropods not encumbered by gluten-allergies. Gravel deposits are almost non-existent due to the intransigent nature of the recent glaciation, but a ready supply of clay is at hand so there are no shortages of bricks and brick-like accretions.

Curling is the sport of choice for the largely-retired populace who draw weights each end during the winters.


Rodent zoonoses are, to the delight of the tourism bureau, on the wane at the grain elevator/interpretive centre. Open all summer.
Is that Coronation in the distance? I would love to take off my locust-proof coat and down a few brews.

It's hard to tell with the wondscreen covered in bug juice.
by gnostic 1 January 24, 2013
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A process of being infected by a coronavirus.
Shit man there's a lot of people having coronations I hope I don't get one too.

Yeah it'd suck to go to the hospital because of coronation.
by misterblaster September 11, 2020
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Refers to a ceremony performed on a variety of occasions, such as:
(1) When someone remembers to "bring in the old device" (i.e., battery, starter, alternator, etc.) to exchange at an auto-parts store and thus avoid the core-charge when purchasing a new one (in this instance, it is often spelled "coreonation").
(2) When someone receives a promotion, gets married, etc, and so everyone present cracks open da ol' lime-wedge-spiked bottles of Corona Lite.
(3) A trepidatious "newbie" welder has managed to strike his first arc, and so everyone around him is having an impromptu celebration of the lovely brilliant-blue "corona" that he successfully created.
I watched an old documentary of Princess Di's coronation, but I was surprised to see that not one of the many attendees appeared to be actually drinking any bottles of "frothy'n' lime" --- what's up with that???
by QuacksO November 16, 2018
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The crowning of a country, used ironically at this moment, as nations reach their eminent definitions of character.
Some saw America being brought to its knees by the lethal virus as a fitting coronation. After the warnings that the nation was a republic, not a monarchy, it carried an inevitability.
by Monkey's Dad March 18, 2020
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