A west indian dance where you wine and move your legs like the butterfly and twist your neck on the beat. Mostly danced on the song dutty wine by tony matterhorn
Shantrell and shaquitea wuz killin the dutty wine at the elkz last week
by Kenedah May 17, 2006
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A dance popularized in Jamaica, and the Caribbean. Mostly done by females teh dance involves moving the legs in a butterfly motion while swinging the neck when the beat drops. Among American girls, it is more popular to go down into a full split and bounce up and down while moving the neck on beat. It effect is greater achieved when a girl with long hair does this dance.
Yo those Trinidadian girls sure know how to dutty wine, but they ain't got nuthin' on them Jamaicans though!
by MR. BLACKMAGIC April 11, 2008
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A dance orignated in Jamaica where you move your legs in a butterfly motion and swing your head around,it looks really good if you know how to do it
Yooo look at those fine Jamaican girls doin da Dutty Wine!
by Da Finest From BX September 19, 2006
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