A really small island in the Atlantic Ocean full of really attractive, high functioning alcoholics.
I visited Bermuda this summer and had a great time!
by Ki7649 November 23, 2018
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A really beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean. The people are friendly and beautiful. They wear Bermuda Shorts sometimes.
I live in Bermuda. I love it here.
by Anonymous April 26, 2005
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a deserted island with VERY sexy people...and the best food and rum
by dklfja;kljd November 25, 2003
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Extremely tiny island where where people are very stuck up and nosey. The women don’t wash their pussies and the guys like it. It is buried deep within Bermuda’s culture to shame gay people. The island is very homophobic using the Bible as an excuse. Though, the main people who hate gays because of Christianity fornicate on a regular basis claiming that they will be forgiven. Not a nice place to visit.
I went to Bermuda and someone called me a “Battyboy.” This means faggot. I asked them what it meant and they said it means “friend.” It doesn’t.
by Koshun July 7, 2018
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An island that sucks at everything besides attracting storms and losing shit. Home to a unhealthy amount of spoiled rich kids.
oh wow, Bermuda is getting hit by another storm.
by Flyers Suck October 5, 2016
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Tiny island, beautiful people.

Just to clarify ...
1)Bermuda does not rely "almost entirely on the tourists industry" actually that has been in decline for a while and the major money comes from expat reinsurance businesses that set up there to avoid US tax stuff.
2)its true some of the schools don't have the best reputations but don't be mislead. many middle class families that can afford it usually send their kids to boarding schools in the uk (a few to the us) so they are smart as!
3)Bermudians are chill and tall and are usually very friendly
4)Bermudians are good at cricket- they are famous for this not footy skills
"You die and go to heaven, I'll stay here in Bermuda"
by ElleKelly1 May 10, 2009
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Any room that has had the walls sprayed with runny or liquified yellow feces. Usually a bathroom.
Kevin slept over last night and he turned my guest bathroom into a total "Bermuda Pantry". Grain alcohol mixed with Taco Bell makes some ugly yellow shit!
by BaJinxy December 8, 2010
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