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The people in your life who either:
A) Have the power to completely ruin you and your self esteem. They make you feel like everything is your fault, and you're worthless... OR...

B) The people in your life who love you unconditionally and make you feel like you can do no wrong. They are the ultimate supporter and friend.
With parents you're basically playing a lottery game you consistently have tickets to that you've never purchased. What you grow up with shapes you... but how you handle it defines you. Choose wisely
by mooooooooooomoooooo June 11, 2011
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There are 2 types:

(1: People who care about you and raised you and love you, married to bring you to this world.

(2: Fucking assholes that manage to completely ruin your childhood and teenage years and make sure that you lived a life worse than them, support the government to throw you in that weird ass prison called School, and don't give a fuck about what you feel. And use that excuse of "authority" to make you shut up to tell you that you'll thank them when you grow up but in reality you'll only just thank the lord that you got away from them.
Scenario 1:

Child: Mommy I forgot to do my homework.

Parent: You're grounded for 3 weeks!

Child: But mom-

Parent: 4 weeks!

Scenario 2:

Teenager: Parents, can I go to the party?

Parents: No. Go to your room!

Scenario 3:

Teenager: *Playing on Xbox/PC*

Parents: What the fuck are you doing!? Get up your ass and go help your sister!

Teenager: Can I do this later?

Parent: No! *Smashes his device*

Teenager: But I paid for this!

Parent: Shut up! I'm the parent here!
by The Epic Legend August 30, 2019
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the chains around your ankles until you've managed to a) runaway b) obtain a stable job and stable income c) die d) turn 18.
i'd be getting laid if it weren't for my parents.
by amanda August 22, 2004
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1.) those who, because they gave birth to you, claim to have complete control over your life, personality, friends, clothing, and any other specifics that define you as an individual.

2.) the people that want to mold you exactally after their wonderful selves, and then resent you when you aren't what they expected.

3.) the people who other conceited, ignorant adults tell you that you will someday appreciate, but in reality, you look back and pray to god you don't turn into them.

4.) instigators of the breakfast club syndrome.
it never occurs to parents that it doesn't take a genius to get knocked up.
by happiness_is July 03, 2006
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The people who insist on ruining every happy moment in your life. They try to tell you that they are protecting you but what they really are doing is killing your spirits! They bring you down for something so stupid that it is uncomprehendable!
Parents dont know what its like to be us.
by loathsome child November 06, 2005
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1) People who think a "normal teenage social life" involves studies and chores.
2) People who think a drivers license is a "go out and pick so-and-so up from practice/supermarket shopping" license.
3) Someone who thinks the stories and problems you tell them in confidence are fun things to share with friends and family.
4) People in the previous generation who believe nothing has changed since they were teenagers.
5) People who believe school vacations/ weekends are one of the following: family time, chore time, study time, homework time, "let's go do something I want to do" time, "let's wake up earlier than you would on a school day to get an early start" time.
6) People who can vote but still manage to screw the country over.
7) People who want us to form our own opinions as long as they influenced them.
8) People who don't care about global warming, greenhouse effect, extinction, nuclear war, or the world going to hell because they figure they'll be dead before the worst of it happens.
9) The people who think we should have censors on our music when all of theirs talked about rape, sex, and drugs.
10) The people who have 3+ kids when they can barely handle 1 and say they had the others by "accident."
11) Someone who thinks it is appropriate to come on to campus looking for you because you have taken more than 3 minutes to get to their car.
12) The people who you work for without pay and knew parenting was a hard responsibility but still expect something in return.
13) The people who say grades don't matter as long as it's your best, but get angry if you get a grade lower than an A-.
14) Someone who thinks long hair is unacceptable when they walked around with mohawks and fros.
15) Someone who thinks spending MORE time with them is going to fix your relationship.

I can't go to the party tonight because my parents need me to come with them to shop.
by RDCM October 25, 2007
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Just another burden for already troubled teens. Also the #1 cuase of teen F-ups and suicides. They destoy all of the following-children, social lives, fun, partys, relaxation, hope, joy, and all other things that may cause happieness.
They create- Stress, anxiety, obligations, poor heath conditions, fear, and every thing else that's depressing or sad.
They believe they are doing so much good, and that you actualy love them and want them to be your best freind.
Screw parents, take care of your F-ing self. Get out as soon as you can, before you end up having to change their diapers.
by Chrizzy February 22, 2006
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