To hit someone
to drop someone punch them
oi do that again i'll drop you mothers itch
by bo bo bo August 6, 2007
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To get someone in trouble or put someone into a bad situation. The phrase is a euphemism for "drop you in the shit."
Annoying co-worker: "If you don't stop surfing porn I'm going to drop you in it with the boss."
by null device May 29, 2008
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Means you’re friend doesn’t wanna be friends with you and then drops you
I’m dropping you sorry
by ilobeyousm November 28, 2021
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Drop you like alfredo means to just let you go, or drop you off. Kicking somebody out, ignoring someone. Stuff like that. And its just fun to say!

"Adam, I drop you off right here if you don't stop."
"Yea, she'll drop you like alfredo!"
by Squadam August 28, 2006
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used when someone does something nice for someone, heroic, or stands up for themselves/another person.
Person: *posts a video online of them roasting their toxic ex*

Person 2: *comments on the video* I think you dropped this 👑
by sadgeminihours April 30, 2020
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You say this when someone does some boss shit, and they deserve recognition for it. They may speak some truth or stand up for something/someone through their actions or words. You are acknowledging the fact that they are a king or queen because of this. Maybe they didn’t notice that they were a king or queen, because they dropped their crown. But you are letting them know that they are by bringing it back to them.
Wow, you work so hard for what you have, yet you still go out of your means to support people in need? Here, I think you dropped this 👑
by clankypencil June 12, 2020
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