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A very innovative and fun to play 3D science fiction/role-playing game/shooter from SEGA. In the game, you, armed with a laser gun, ride on a morphing dragon, and open up a can of whupass at a wide variety of enemies, all Hell-bent on blasting or eating you. Panzer Dragoon was released on the SEGA Saturn in 1995, Panzer Dragoon 2: Zwei in 1996, and Panzer Dragoon Saga/RPG (a.k.a: Azel) in 1997. The fourth game of the series, called Panzer Dragoon Orta, was released for the Microsoft X-Box in 2002.

Basic storyline (you need to play the games in order to fully understand).
It features a post-Apocalyptic future where the abuse of genetic engineering and technology caused the near extinction of the human race. The survivors, scattered across the globe, tried to salvage what useful technology they could find while having to cope with the newly-created monsters which craved human flesh.
I'm glad I never sold my copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga. The gameplay is worth more than the $300.00 I can get by selling it on Suckers.
by AYB February 19, 2003
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A legendary rail-shooter series started on the Sega Saturn and followed by Panzer Dragoon II Zwei and Panzer Dragoon RPG (aka Azel) then years later on the Xbox with Panzer Dragoon Orta
Although it wasn't a big-seller in its day, Panzer Dragoon is a very creative series.
by RandomSegaFanboy October 11, 2003
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A game that sony roolz has never played since he is too attempting sexual intercourse with his Playstation 2.
Jesus Christ! When is sony roolz going to shut the hell up?
by middle finger June 25, 2003
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Excellent game series that was developed by Sega's Team Andromeda until they broke up in 1998. Latest game was released by Sega's Smilebit. Has gone relatively unnoticed in the gaming world due to lack of advertising and multiplayer involvement, but still very excellent as far as gaming standards go.
The Panzer Dragoon series has been the host of some of the best shooters of all time. Sony advocates like to say it sucks despite the fact that most of them probably haven't even played it.
by C-can October 26, 2003
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