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The only reason most people watched MTV. Sadly, the corporate fuckers killed the show off and fired Mike Judge. Now we have to watch King of the Hill just to get some reminders of its predecessor.
Butthead: Er....TV sucks. (uh huh huh huh) Lets go like call somebody and stuff (uh huh huh huh huh).
Beavis: Yeah. (heh heh heh) We still have that Harry Sachz number? (heh heh heh) Harry Sachz (heh heheheheh).
Butthead: (uh huhuhuhuhuh) Okay.(uh huh huh). I've gotta take a dump (uh huhuhuhuh) We can call him from there (uh huhuhuhuhuh).
Beavis: (heh heheheheheheh) Plop! (heh heheheheheh).
by middle finger September 17, 2003

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A man with balls. One who can see that Ja Rule is a useless piece of shit who cannot rap and looks like a sewer rat.
Ja Rule haters of the world, UNITE!!!
by middle finger August 17, 2003

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All it is is one big riggfest sponsored be the RIAA. See VMA or MTV VMA.
The MTV Music Awards suck dogshit.
by middle finger September 17, 2003

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More like Shamway to me. I'm not buying their shit.
The Amway cult only wants to convert you into a mindless slave of their company, which only exists to drain money off suckers who buy their inferior-quality products.
by middle finger August 26, 2003

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THe word can also apply to ricers, since they have an obsession with Japanese cars and they "modify" them into neon-lighted, over-painted, Kanji-decorated, bigass exhaust-pipe, low-chassis monstrosities that can't even go over a speed bump without taking serious damage. And thanks to crappy racing movies like The Fast and the Furious, we now have a big explosion of backward capped, baggy-pants-wearing nerds who will mutilate otherwise good Japanese cars just to be "the shizzle".
Damn. Look at what that Wapanese did to his mom's Honda Civic. The chassis is scraping against the road, the pink and green paintjob is flaking off, and there are so many headlights installed that it would permanently blind any oncoming traffic.
by middle finger January 20, 2004

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A person who is compared to the KKK by ignorant, MTV-watching wankers who think music is what the RIAA-affiliated corporations tell them it is. Who in the right mind believes that the shit produced by the big corporations is quality music?
I agree with Rock Fan. Today's pop, R&B, nu-rap, and nu-metal are all utterly inferior to even the music from 1994.
by middle finger August 18, 2003

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This channel plays techno and tries to market it as rap. Fucking stupid, indeed.
Every damn "song" on B.E.T. sounds exactly the same because talent is not considered important anymore.
by middle finger October 18, 2003

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