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Adj. Meaning gay, but in a good way, more specifically something homosexual that can be enjoyed by all.
The Scissor Sisters are supergay.
That movie was supergay...I have the DVD on back order.
by Guido Paparazzi March 10, 2005
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really f*cking stupid
"you're super gay"

"he's acting super gay today"
by Britney_NWF September 18, 2004
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a., so egregiously and superfluously homosexual and reminiscent of a fairy, so as to invade the sexual orientation of every object and person around.
"Gah! I feel faggy just hanging around someone so supergay!"
by SHOTA-kun April 29, 2009
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Adj. The entrance into the realm of the "super gay", is a drastic moment of change and personal growth for the garden variety faggot. It is considered a right of passage for many. Once the point of "super gay" has been penetrated the homosexual begins to consider the next level, premuim faggotory. For many this level can be reached by obsessive listening to Kpop combined with unnatural obsession with a particularly "fat" korean pop singer.
She is now supergay.

He's definitely supergay, on his way to premium faggotory. It's apparent that he has reached that level.
by So Spice June 23, 2013
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