the art of being self conscious around others. Trying to impress & look good to those around you
Person 1: man whys that loser struttin around the gym today?

Person 2: hes playin that fake ass cool game cuz some dimes just walked in
by jontaylor January 30, 2014
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the site that kids play at school nowadays to avoid work.
teacher: hey class today we’re doing work on our school laptops
kid 1: * plays cool math games to avoid work and makes the screen face away from the teacher *
by Fadeider December 14, 2018
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A very fun website that you can play ton of fun games on that are not even related to math.
P1: Hey dude wanna see who can get farther in Balloon Tower Defense, on Cool Math Games?

P2: Duuurrrr cuz I always win!
by Mikasa Ackermaninthehousebois November 21, 2017
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The most ingenious unblocked site ever. Teachers think it is ok because it's got math in the title but it has minimal thinking games like bloons TD, clicker heroes, and a bunch of other games that would take hours to find on any other unblocked site.
Student: Ms M. can I play cool math games?
Teacher: Sure Billy! I would love an excuse to not teach and get paid while you play on an EDUCATIONAL website.
by Horny#1 June 19, 2018
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Best website in the world and houses some of the most lit games while you are at school...
guy 1: im bored

guy 2: since the teacher aint lookin you wanna play bloons tower defence on cool math games?
guy 1: sure why not
by Vladimir66 March 21, 2017
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The only way to survive long and boring classes aka the entirety of school
Cool maths games is lit.
by bringbackthestrawssupporter September 11, 2018
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A bunch of games that have noting to fucking do with math
Teacher: Y'all can play cool math games after your homework cuz i dont really give a shit
Middle schoolers: HELL YEAH!
by alliebrynn April 18, 2019
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