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1. A crime organization started in China a couple of centuries ago that was originally a group of monks who planned to overthrow the ruling monarchial family and replace it with the one that had ruled before it. Currently, they operate primarily throughout Southeast Asia, as well as in cities throughout the east and west coasts of the US, and possibly in a few cities in the UK.

2. In western culture, the ASIAN (AZN would be pronounced azz-nn, you fuckwhits) attept at gangsta status. It's nice to know our fellow Asian-American youths are growing up to idolize drug-dealers, whore-mongerers, and murderers, because I was afraid that you guys might be smart enough to realize just how fucking base and primitive Western culture has become in recent decades, but I guess you're just as stupid as the rest of us, and decided to blend in with the "In" Crowd rather than stand agianst it.
1. The Triads, like the Russian and Italian gangsters, are fucking scary.

2. A few years ago in north Conneticut, a Chinese guy of about 20 years or so slashed his father in the neck over an argument concerning their restaruant business. You just know the Triads were involved.
by C-can February 08, 2004
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Company that gave us such wonderful things as Gamespy Arcade, FilePlanet, and the most arrogant staff of reviewers in the world, not to mention a website that is filled with annoying adds that are embedded into the fucking browser window.
Goddamned I hate Gamespy.
by C-can January 29, 2004
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Someone who has devoted their entire consciousness and personality to a random form of capitalistic media. Commonly found amongst gamers, music listeners, celebrity worshipers, anime freaks, etc. Will not hesitate to bash the living shit out of anyone who doesn't like what they like with such callous and witty insults as "fag" "fAg" and "FAG."
Fanboys don't realize that Sega, Sony, Nintendo, etc. all make good and bad products alike.
by C-can October 20, 2003
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The fucking largest unorganized group of professional assholes since the Red Guards, Spammers are a blight upon the Internet and must be killed on sight. They are easy to distinguish from normal, respectable people in that they often look like a white 20-something year-old high school dropout, and are almost constantly surrounded in a visibly thick cloud of pot smoke. They enjoy filling Internet users' inboxes with messages demanding that they enlarge their penis as soon as humanly possible, offering them $25million dollars if they reveal their bank account or credit card number, etc. No one has any fucking idea how they make ANY kind of profit from these rediculous business practices. The only thing that I can think of is that these morons occasionally mail some Internet newbie or AOL user who actually responds to these messages in hopes of getting the advertised product, but instead recieves a bottle of painted skittles or a letter informing them that their bank account has been completely empty.
Spammers embody almost everything that is wrong with the Internet and deserve nothing short of being beaten to death with a Mideval flail weapon.
by C-can November 02, 2003
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Images of naked humans or naked humans in the act of sexual intercourse. Often used as a means of becoming aroused by lonely humans who are unable to attract a mate. Despite its usefulness to such individuals, the overall majority of internet pornography has degraded into a flaming heap of vile, disgusting images designed to cater to the sick fetishes of various internet subcultures including, but not limited to: furries, pedophiles, amputation fetishists, genital mutilation addicts, etc.
"Pornography" makes up more than 60% of the internet's content.

The obsession of teenage boys across America is "pornography."
by C-can October 18, 2003
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A large, unregulated mass of extremely diverse content, consisting primarily of pornography, gaming websites, livejournal accounts, and those fucking annoying popup messages that won't go away on angelfire websites. In addition, the internet also plays host to several bizzare subcultures, including, but not limited to, goths, furries, otherkin, linux nerds, and conspiracy theory nutballs who all like to design their sites on the exact same formats as one another.
The Internet destroyed my faith in humanity.

The Internet is wasting way too much bandwith on crappy geocities sites.

The Internet will soon replace libraries.
by C-can October 18, 2003
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Someone who makes most of, if not all their living, off of illegal activity. They sell drugs, guns, treat women like a sexual aid rather than a real person, kill people, and try to worm their way into the private business sector as much as possible. Why you would look up to someone who kills people for his own benefit as cool and a role modle, I have no fucking idea. Not to be confused with a gangsta, which is basically a teenaged loser who thinks that smoking pot or bringing his switch blade in to show all his loser friends will somehow make him as horrible a monster as, say, a Colombian drug lord.
You listen to music that promotes killing and drug dealing, yet you bitch about the CIA and their whole Crack controversy, and you protest wars. Fucking, ignorant, dumbass.
by C-can February 03, 2004
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