A misspelled version of the word Goddess.
I'm a Goddess because at least I know how to spell the word. ;)
by Judy H November 5, 2003
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When a man sits on top of another man's stomach while blowing another man
"Oh my God Stephanie, is Mark blowing Steve while sitting on Darren?! I thought I'd never see a godess in real life"
by Barkybark September 30, 2023
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A clothing brand created by designer Melissa Lashay to celebrate life and redefine normalized mental hierarchy. The brand is unisex and uses products that was given as a blessing to use. The text from godess is abnormal and defeats every grammar rule for the reason of visual poetry.
I love my godess lingerie! Makes me feel like the goddess that I am.
by Fashion Brand September 4, 2020
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Cynthia is a very wholesome and lovely smol being smaller than almost every human. She also has hair longer than herself dragging slightly on the ground. She is loved by all who meet her and know by her nickname Cynnamon (or Cyn for short) due to her love for eating cinnamon.
Have you spoken to Godess Cynthia today?
Yes Cyn cheered me right up after she heard I was feeling down.
Yes she has a tendency to make everyone smile!
by Chris_Digi June 20, 2019
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One who preforms anal sex in a god like manner
Julia Evered is an Anal Godess
by thlaz October 5, 2011
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This is a type of food, after a bite of the Love Godess one gains a feeling of amaizment & instantly falls in love.

This grows from the tree of love which can be found in the mystical gardens of pradeeze.
I will search high & low, until I can find the 'love godess' and bring it to my love.

Your so beautiful that it feels like I've just had a bite from the 'love godess'!
by x <3 x December 31, 2009
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Ariana grande godesses is someone who believed ariana grande is a God and they sacrifice for them
Ariana grande godesses is someone who believed ariana grande is a God
by Christian louzan April 26, 2021
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