A somewhat vague term derived from from the Latin word paganus. Pagan is a term which refers to a variety of different religions ranging from Wicca, to that of ancient Egypt and even Hinduism, among many others. Some Pagans are of no specific religion, but rather are eclectic. In general Pagan religions have more than one deity, or many gods which are aspects of one (an idea similar to that of the Christian trinity). Another quite common feature of Pagan religions are that they tend to be nature oriented. Pagan can also be used as a derogatory word for any non-Judeo/Christian/Islamic religion.
"The religion of the ancient Greeks is a Pagan religion"
by Megan Bennett May 25, 2004
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Put basically, any religion with more than one god, otherwise known as polytheism. Usually nature based, but not necessarily in a hippy "flower power" way. The term Pagan is usually applied to the old European pre-Christian religions of the Greeks/Romans, the Germanic tribes (such as the Vikings, Saxons and Danes etc) and the Celtic tribes. Wicca is a more modern blend of Paganism, that includes elements of all the above religions. Pagans can be found in all walks of life, from the Hippies through to Neo-Nazi groups and all in between. This goes to show that there are many forms and beliefs within Paganism.
Anton LaVey's form of Satanism includes many elements of paganism, almost an anti-Wicca.
Alot of Pagans attempt to hide their religion from their peers as pagans have been persecuted since the early days of Christianity, and as such some tend to have anti-Christian views.
That said, if they are known pagans, most pagans will quite gladly give time to help out people starting out on the pagan path and will talk to non-pagans about their views and beliefs.
Christmas and other Christian holidays are Pagan rip-offs
by JT November 7, 2004
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Originally from the Latin word paganus which meant countryman.

Today it mostly means someone who is part of a number of religions that comes under the umbrella term of paganism. Usually these religions are nature-based or revere nature or whose religion is tied to nature in some way.

Pagans come from all walks of live be it politics, law enforcement, education or business etc.
Oi Edd, did you know Daves a pagan?
by Chris September 11, 2003
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Being a batty man
"Yo that Sammy kid is a PAGAN"

"Wagwan babes, my man Dee called you a PAGAN"
by Ugandan Dave I February 14, 2018
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A member of a group professing a polytheistic religion or any religion other than Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.
The word pagan can also be used to describe a person who has no religion or a hedonist, which is someone who is devoted to or pursues pleasure; especially the pleasures of the senses.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 28, 2010
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A pagan in slang is a person who betrays their friend or pretends to be their friend.
Oi, you know simon told everyone about the dare!
Oh my, he's so pagan!
by Spartacus49 March 7, 2012
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