A pagan in slang is a person who betrays their friend or pretends to be their friend.
Oi, you know simon told everyone about the dare!
Oh my, he's so pagan!
by Spartacus49 March 7, 2012
Someone who follows the religious beliefs of Paganism, not to be confused with an insult
Person 1: Is she Christian?

Person 2: Nope Pagan
Person 3: Cool!
by Paganqueen115 December 14, 2019
A Universal Term used for all earth based religions whether Polytheistic or Monotheistic, and sometimes includes philosophies such as Buddhism and Confucianism.

Sometimes it has also been used in reference to just being a Non-Abrahamic religion, or a religion that does not fall among the three mainstream religious views.
"That person is Pagan" - That person does not follow one of the three mainstream religions.
by Wolf_Queen January 9, 2014
And I Will Pray Like A Pagan
To Anyone Who Will Take Me To Heaven

by K. Barnes October 16, 2005
Boy: Aren't you a Christan?
Girl: No, I'm a Pagan.
by werewitch August 13, 2014
Eating/drinking or doing anything that accuser doesnt like or participate.
Person 1 : are you drinking tap water instead of filtered water?
Person 2: yeah there isn't a difference
Person 1: wow, you're a sucha pagan
by Mandingo 2.0 December 3, 2016
A pagan is someone who is an absolute square, not to be used as an insult but simply a descriptor of someone.
Your mum’s a pagan and your dad’s a fuckboy
by Gregory Stilton August 31, 2018