Those who seek fulfilment through pleasure in life.

See also: epicurean
I am a dirty hedonist. Take off your pants and lather yourself in this chocolate syrup.
by Rusty March 4, 2005
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someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures syn: pleasure seeker
He/She is a hedonist
by Jessi B February 4, 2006
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the actual hedonist has a joint stuck behind each ear, a beer in one hand and a broad in the other.

basically one who seeks pleasure.
Dude, Brian is such a boss. He's the definition of the hedonist.
by Ball'n69 March 21, 2008
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A follower of Hedonism which preaches that the greatest good in life for mankind is the pursuit of pleasure. Personal indulgences become their only aspirations. Most of this theory and its followers were rejected through logic hundreds of years ago but high school goths and wannabe pseudo-intellectual philosophers often adopt it to feel different from others. It served as the basis for Utilitarianism. In modern slang it most often is synonymous with devil worshippers.
Little Billy was picked on and had his feelings hurt so instead of sucking it up and becoming a man he dressed all in black, becoming a hedonist to make him feel special.
by Blake the Tripod Tipton July 20, 2007
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One of the most misunderstood things in the world. Many rockers and rappers have been accused of selling out for siesing the chance for fame, fortune, MTV, and groupies, when in reality they are just hedonists like everyone else.
Many hipsters whiny and emo kids call bands sellouts, instead of hedonists which they are.
by wrestlingfreak January 25, 2006
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