1) A group of religions made up by silly white guys in the Romantic period when they were playing at being wizards and druids and shit. They all claim to have a really old history but they're lying cuntbags like any religious group.

2) An overarching term for any pre-Christian non-Abrahamic religions.
1) Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn are pagans

2) The folk religion of the Sami people is a form of paganism.
by Catman23 March 6, 2016
Pagan In estonian means "devil"
"Pagan küll" - for something to go really bad.
by Maits September 15, 2008
A vaguely defined term from the Latin word Poganus meaning countryman that has become an umbrella term for a group of reconstructed pre-Christian beliefs systems which are often nature centred. Followers of these belief systems share a wide variety of beliefs as these beliefs systems tend not to be formally structured and very focused on individual spirituality. Their beliefs can be polytheistic, animistic, pantheistic, monotheistic, bitheistic, nontheistic or a mixture of the former. Alternatively and less confusingly the term Neopagan can be used as the term has also been used for centuries as a derogotory term for any non-Abramic belief system.
Religions that have come to be considered (neo)pagan include; Wicca, Shamanism, Astatru(thought Asatruars seem to prefer the term Heathen) and, Druidism.
by Nik March 25, 2005
A nature-based religion.

Can be seen as having one deity or many, but never any kind of "devil" as this is a purely Christian concept invented much later.
"Is Wicca a form of Paganism?"
"I guess it is, in the same way that Catholisism is a form of Christianity."
by Zoecb January 18, 2005
The personality of a Pagan.
Was made up while trying to describe a friends love for her Beliefs.....
Go out,Wear your Witch tee-shirt and show your Paganality
by Walter R Hardin Jr September 26, 2004
Plural of Pagan. Members of a Pagan religion, not to be confused with the other definition.
The Pagans were out celebrating the full moon last night.
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 23, 2008