A term when referring to Spanish people.
Spanish guy: You tryna buy some oranges?

Guy: No, you fucking pagan.
by grimmis69 March 6, 2020
Often used to refer to non-Christian religions, non-Abrahamic religions or religions outside the major world religions, the better common usage is to refer to any nature-based religion, or native European religion.

However, the proper usage refers to the earth-worshipping, largely matriarchal religions of pre-Christian eastern celtic Europe (applied to modern revivals of these religions such as the Cult of the Goddess, Wicca or Druidry, it is properly neopagan), and distinguishes these from the Northern and Easter European beliefs such as Asatru or Germanic Heathenism, which are properly heathen.
Ancient Druidry is a good example of a pagan faith
by crabbadon March 19, 2007
Someone who has a high element in paganism and is a wasteman
Yoo why are you so paganic how did you miss that goal
by Abdi & abishan May 8, 2021
A biker gang full of pussies.
look at those hells angels stompin the shit out them pagans!!!
by loco1 August 26, 2007
A paganator is some one that is a snake, bitch, snitch and so on. Also a paganator creates others to be bitchy
Sarah: "am I a pagan"
Lillie:"not just a pagan but a paganator "


Friend:"your such a paganator"
Me:"tell me about it"
by Paganator October 17, 2016
pagan is an amazing best freind sometimes she can be a bit serious but also cool and fun to hang out with.she is lilys bff and will always be.she helps you when your down and is always be there for you at any time in your life.even know she can be a bitch sometimes :)
lily:your my bff pagan pagan:i know girl
by 12345bitch December 31, 2019
When some has a high level of being or looking like a wasteman or does something that just pisses you off
How very paganic of you to eat the last pizza slice
by Abdi & abishan May 9, 2021