the act of being pagan

group of mostly polytheistic, pre-Christian religions
Wicca is a polytheistic religion, because Wiccans honor not only a god and a goddess, but all of nature as well.
by Megz n Denzer July 10, 2004
The term 'pagan' comes from the Latin word 'paganus' which means, in short, a country man. In contemporary society the word 'pagan' is an umbrella term encompassing many polytheistic earth-based religions including Asatru, wicca, druidry and hereditary witchcraft.

Most pagans mark their calenders by the eight fold year, with four major festivals and four minor. Solstices/equinox festivals are also recognised and celebrated.
Hey... I'm pagan!
by MoonRat March 11, 2004
uk derogatory slang for a police person or other person in authority
by UKGRIMEOFFICIAL90 May 22, 2011
A type of personality that is open minded, loves nature, does not follow the crowd but their own path, enjoys learning from the past, rituals are part of their life and mark the rites of passage, they have a strong moral code , usually very spiritual, and often follows an earth based religion.
Go ahead and wear the Goddess shirt, don't be afraid to express your paganality.
by Luna Aileen September 26, 2004
badass motorcycle gang...rivals to the hells angels
Look em pagans even got em angels pissin in their pants
by chopper66 April 26, 2006
Generalised term for a person who follows a Nature-based religion.
"Want to go on the Pagan Pride march with me?"
by Zoecb October 21, 2004
The way a Pagan expresses his or her inner self and beliefs in their everyday life, through words, actions, style of dress or jewelry, etc., much like anyone showing their individual personality in the same fashion.
Her concern for the environment and tiny silver pentacle were signs of her paganality.
by Satori September 26, 2004