Anton Lavey was the founder, not of the "first Church of Satan", but of the only Church of Satan, after this organisation was formed many people tried to emulate what he had done with such things as the "church of lucifer", If anyone is actually looking into Satanism the only website needed is

Hail Anton Lavey!
Hail Satan!
"There is a beast in man that needs to be excersised, not exorcised."
by Valoch.D.M November 3, 2004
Anton Lavey is the founder of The Church Of Satan. The Teachings of The Church of Satan are a direct attack on that Brain Washing tool that all major religions use in this day and age, that you belong to god, and not yourself, that you should serve god, and not yourself. There is some criticism of Lavey, claiming him to be a lair, but the criticism have to be taken with a grain of salt since most, if not all criticism of Lavey is from his estranged daughter Zeena Schreck, whoses claims have never been backed up with any sort of evidence.
All other Religions are so oppressive, that is why I am grateful for Anton Lavey giving us The Church Of Satan.
by Kazzy Mayhem August 15, 2006
"The Black Pope"; founder of the Church of Satan in 1960 and author of many books on the subject, he has become an icon to disillusioned teenagers who hate their parents and their comfortable surburban life style.
Claimed to be a Lion-tamer, Police Photographer, descended from gypsies, witnessed occult Nazi rituals, and been giving it hard to Marilyn Monroe. All untrue; records show he as just some guy from Illinois.
Eyewitness accounts testify that LaVey just couldn't resist fresh-baked kitten.
by Johnny Pseudonym July 30, 2005
Anton Szandor LaVey was born in 1930. He was the first person to introduce the ideas of indulgence into a religion, Satanism. It all started one night in the 1960's; LaVey shaved his head bald, and later wrote the Satanic Bible, among others. He gave many interviews and published many books before his death in 1997. He sparked a controversial way of life which has been misunderstood by most, but to Satanists, he remains an important man in religious history. And no, he never killed any children or did drugs.
"who's that weird bald guy?"
"that's Anton Szandor LaVey, the founder of Satanism"
by Satanic_Wrath March 26, 2007