Pachinko is a gambling game played in japan most comonly found in tokyo. Whoever said its a word for prostitue has some serious issues...
Ms. hanasta went to play pachinko with her american friends.
by Pandora February 10, 2004
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What hell is PACHINKO!? PACHINKO is had only JAPAN. and most popular gambling
If you don't know, you never Tell about Japanese culture.
Come on! Try this game!
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 24, 2003
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A polish term for a nasty man.
Hey, look at that Pachinko pickin' his but.
by Jacomba February 27, 2004
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A Japanese with ducktail, baggy trousers and wingtips who thinks it's 1950
That pachinko looks like a mexican ganster from the 50's.
by skram June 3, 2006
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(n), (u)
1) one of the sources of funds for North Korea. Up to 30 percent of the pachinko industry is controlled by North Koreans and Japanese of Korean descent in Japan, and at least US $100 million a year is funneled across the Sea of Japan into their homeland via the Chongryon and North Korean-controlled banks
Do not want to play pachinko. Pachinko money does make street children in North Korea starve to death.
by Abajian November 3, 2005
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Vagina; a shy way to refer to one's pussy. As used by Dr. Reid on the television show Scrubs.
So there's a swelling on your, um... on your pachinko?
by Lambnesio April 9, 2007
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