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the Evergreen State
the nickname of Washington State was named for its abundant evergreen forests, by C.T. Conover, pioneer Seattle realtor and historian, and adopted by the Legislature in February, 1893.
The Evergreen State lies in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is bordered on the east by Idaho (the Gem State), with the Snake River forming part of the boundary. To the south is Oregon (the Beaver State), with most of that boundary formed by the Columbia River.
by Abajian August 26, 2005
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an organization that exploits human rights for its own political or religious beliefs, and whose members are experts on how they extort a large sum of money from governments, especially the governments of the G8 countries
Check how frequently Amnesty International uses this word, reparations, in every report.
by Abajian October 29, 2005
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noun, countable
a series of loud sounds from Hyundai car owners expressing a strong emotion such as pain, fear, or displeasure
Hyundai will recall 36,000 Sonata cars
We'll hear real sonatas.
Aigo, aigo, aigo!
by Abajian August 31, 2005
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the South Korean Government's propaganda machine and cyber terror group;
a group sponsored by the South Korean Government whose members work actively to send pro-Seoul propaganda (spam) messages to multiple recipients worldwide, especially in order to suppress any opposing information shown on websites.
Thanks to the Tokdo, South Korea is one of top three countries responsible for sending spam.
by Abajian August 24, 2005
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noun, plural taegugkies, countable
a piece of soft cloth or paper worn by a baby between its legs and fastened around its waist to hold its urine and shit
1) I ought to change the baby's taegugki
2) dirty taegugki
3) disposable taegugkies
by Abajian August 26, 2005
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noun, uncountable
1) a small piece of old cloth, for example one used for cleaning things

noun, plural
2) children who have no home and live on the streets
1) Get a taegugki and wipe it up!

2) Taegugki'll either die from the cold or starve to death.
by Abajian August 24, 2005
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noun, countable
a hopeless situation in which you cannot do one thing until you do another thing, but you cannot do that thing until you do the first thing, with the result that you can do neither but go into Hwa byung
Without kimchi you can’t eat steamed rice and without steamed rice you can’t eat kimchi. That's a Niddar-22 situation.
by Abajian October 13, 2005
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