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A website for college students to buy and sell their textbooks to each other.. started at Santa Monica College, and made its way through USC, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, and huge universities world-wide.
"Post Your Book Baby"
The expression used when students tell each other to screw the college bookstore, and post their books on the website
by sunnyjosh November 10, 2011
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An acronym for Pee in Your Butt. One can PYB or get PYB'ed. Normally the man does the peeing and the woman supplies the butt.
Did that chick let you PYB? Daaaamn...sluts
by PYB January 24, 2006
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An acronym for "pack your bags", used to dismiss one's ideas or actions or express disdain or discontent with one's personality. It is equivalent to the -____- phrase used online. It refers to one packing his luggage to leave a certain place.
Rich, Wealthy Female: "I think we should get married."

Her Loser, Bum Boyfriend: "No. In fact, I HATE that idea. You wanna know what I hate more? You. You are the most stupid, idiotic, moronic imbecile to ever roam this Earth. You have the potential to be the first human being WITHOUT a functional brain! You must have a negative IQ for crying out loud! All you do is stay up all night watching QVC and HSN and make me watch chick-flicks with you. Even though you practically pay for my food, video games, apartment, and bills, you are a complete DOOFUS!!!"

Rich, Wealthy Female: "..."

Her Loser, Bum Boyfriend: "That didn't come out quite right, I mean I LOVE YOU AND I TOTALLY WANNA GET MARRIED!!!"

Rich, Wealthy Female: "PYB".
by Jinx78488484 November 09, 2011
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