Take a Mind Reset
When you have an experience that strips away your learned behaviors so much that it resets your mind to a starting state and changes your perception of the world.

Also known as The Mind Reset.
Jing: So what was it like getting glasses for the first time?
Seid: Dude, the moment I put them on I saw individual leaves for the first time!
Jing: TMR man, TMR!

Rick: I'm so drained from work. It's the same thing day in day out.

Ana: You need to TMR. Why not go travel some.

Rick: Yeah, maybe you're right.
by TalkTheWalk February 25, 2018
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Only the best book and movie series out there! The Maze Runner.
Person 1: What is The Maze Runner
Person 2: listen here slinthead, I will murder you shank if you ever ask me about the blessed fandom of TMR again.
Person 3: *Making out with the hot af Minho*
by LimeSky_ August 08, 2016
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buy the domain for your travel site
Too Many Resellers. When a new item gets over hyped that people buy them just to sell at insanely marked up prices.
All these people selling Kobe 8 Christmas for $300 the day they come out. SMH TMR. They worse than hypebeasts
by ralph geron December 26, 2012
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