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The derivative of crackle, which is the derivative of snap, which is the derivative of jerk, which is the derivative of acceleration, which is the derivative of velocity, which is the derivative of distance.
The cars instantantaneous pop was measured at 60m/s^6
by Ak15 May 07, 2013
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1)A slang term originating in Philly that means to have sex with a female that you have been wanting to for a while

2)A term used by Philly teens that means very fun or exciting or just all out crazy
1) "Yo when you gonna pop that girl next door to you??"
"Chill, I popped her last night"

2) "Yo man you think this party is gonna pop tonite??"
"I dont know, last time it did one thing...popped!"
by dabull August 13, 2009
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"Pop" is what people from Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington use to denote "soda."
Washingtonian: Is there a pop machine in this venue? I am truly parched.
Californian: "Pot machine?" When did they begin the enterprise of vending the cannabis?
Washingtonian: No, good sir. I requested a "pop" machine.
Californian: Is "pop" some other form of illegal or illicit substance?
Washingtonian: No, bloke. Look here: "pop" as in a soft drink--such as a cola beverage, for example.
Californian: Ho! You desire to beseech a "soda."
Washingtonian: It's "pop," damnit. "Pop."
by discolemur July 20, 2004
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A term used by cops when a person who is pulled over or confronted by the police tends to argue or lie. When this occurs, a ticket might be issued or the person might be taken to jail.
hey bob, how was work today?" Bob: "it was pretty good, but I had to take someone to jail for P.O.P." What is that, Bob? Bob:"pissing off police."
by campanita March 26, 2011
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A description of someone who is really hip-hop and totally hot on the street. This can be someone who is a really hard gangster. If you are really pop you don't need to worry about paying for a bus because you get on free.
Derick: Yo yo yo mate, how are you?
Hard Harrold: Orite man, i am great. Im really pop right now, you know?
Derick: Oh cool you must get free public transport then?
Hard Harrold: Stop it little Derick.
by Mr McGoobie November 12, 2009
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Horrible "music" in wich teenage girls age 13 and up sing about the hardships of love, they do not write their own songs, nor music, and there are no real instruments, just a repetitive and chaotic electronic beat in the background with the girl constantly going "ooooh ooooh! oh woah woah woah woah woah woah, heee heeeeya-ya! ooooh baby!" in between verses.
In a word, ass paste.
Pop sucks for the most part, but as alwayse there are exceptions. while i don't like her music, i respect alicia keys. she actualy writes her own songs, is a good poet and is a freakin amazing pianist.
by Jim September 07, 2005
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