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An acronym for Part-time Asshole. Someone who is generally a good human being, but outspoken in their defence of infringements of common decency or moderation. They will go on the attack (metaphorically) online and in real life to defend their friends, family, animals and even strangers. They speak out and fight against human ills such as discrimination, oppression, cruelty, trolling etc.
Matt: Aren't you going to delete Ash's comments from your post? They're outrageous!
Helen: Nah, it's cool, those guys were being really mean to me and Ash is a great guy and only a PTA.
by BBreaga January 12, 2021
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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PTA typically stands for "Parent teacher association". They help plan school activities. If you can't remember this or what they do, try "(P)arents (T)hat (A)re Bored"
Mom: Hey daughter! Instead of getting a job and being actually useful to my family, I'm going to not supply any income and join the PTA so I can pretend I'm actually doing something with my life!
Daughter: *kills self*
by sasucks October 02, 2012
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A short yet efficient "wash-up" or mini-bath in which a woman washes her Pussy, Tits, and Armpits, usually after sex-on-the-go or when rushing out to breakfast after a night of partying.
After her night of sex with Dude in the Blue Suit, she woke up in his apartment, took a quick P-T-A, and hopped in a cab home.
by noyoudidnt October 12, 2005
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Pussy, Tits and Armpits. A hasty bath taken by a woman in a great hurry.
Oh man, I'm so late I only have time for a PTA before my boyfriend picks me up!
by Eric Peterson July 07, 2005
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The acronym for a quick shower, where someone only washes their Pits, Tits, and Ass(hence the letters in the acronym, hurff durff).
Girl1: Jenny looks like she hasn't showered in days!
Girl2: Ohh No she did a PTA this morning!
by Bamfthony September 26, 2009
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