German word for sow, pig, swine, you get the idea.

Normally an insult.

Commonly (slang) used as a flavoring word in conjunction with some exclaimation. In this usage, sometimes positive.
Halt die Fresse du fette Sau!
Sau-gut! Sau-billig! Sau-geil! Sau-haesslich! Sau-schnell! Sau-lustig! Sau-fette...!
by die Wahrheit December 14, 2007
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Thats the hairy things that walks around in the fields eating grass.
(In norwegian)
-What is that cotton-thingy doing out there?
>Oh, its a "sau" eating grass, yep, I know my norwegian, because you need that in the world we live in.
by Steingrim August 10, 2005
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A sau is a really cool person. Specifically, it refers to the cool ness of someone whose fashion usually is tall, wears non-revealing leather, sunglasses, and a trenchcoat, even in hot-weather, and likes to play swimming-pool basketball. They also like to eat a lot of dairy, wheat, and egg products. Their favorite slang word, is shindig, which refers to spiking the shin. When many of these people mass together, it's a sau shindig.
Ooh what a fashionably unique person. what a sau!
by pc January 23, 2005
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a inconspicuous way to point out that there is an attractive male (otherwhise refered to as a "sau sau")nearby, and alert your friends to notice the man.(usually said in a pained voice because you know you aint neva' gonna get to hit that)
while walking down 42 st, shaniqua saw a sexy ass guy walking toward her and said "sau sau", at wich point edwar quickly looked around and saw him, agreeing that the saxy ass guy was indeed sexy, edwar also said "sau sau"
by Edwar and Shaniqua May 4, 2006
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Du Sau !
by Nope January 28, 2003
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Saus can be used for many purposes.

1.) To tell someone one to fuck off.

2.) When you dont want to go somewhere
Billy: "Hey man want to come to my mum's for dinner"
Jimmy: "nah, saus"

3.) Giving a rating to something
Adam: "What do you think of this subject?"
Justin: "It's Saus"
by Justin J Mason October 4, 2006
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The abreviated term for sausage - referring to a penis - can be used as an insult or just to make it clear that you have a penis
1. Oi Cookie, eat my saus you gooner. Said Lorry

2. Cookie you such a dirty saus
by Lorry_69 January 18, 2009
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