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The system that i have. According to my friends its for pussies and little kids. I disagree gamecube has some great games. Residen Evil 4 is the best game for gamecube and was orignally only supposed to be for gamecube. But the stupid PS2 took it. Ive played it on PS2 its not nearly as good as on gamecube. Also Killer7 is on gamecube. Again for PS2 also but still a great game.
Resident Evil 4, along with all the other resident evils, and Killer7 show that Game Cube is not just for preschool 2 5th grade kids
by Co-Captain Jack August 06, 2006
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1. A very dangerous, dangerous drug. Causes the user to do some crazy shit. Also called Angel Dust, and also a horse tranquillizer.
2. An Acronym for Peoples Capping Peoples.
1. Dawg Kennan was totally fucked up on PCP last nite. He stuck is sack on a table and hit it with a hammer.

2. I was in the ghetto last nite and saw plent of PCP going on.
by Co-Captain Jack August 06, 2006
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A breathtaking, graphic game for Gamecube and PS2. Awesome cel-shaded graphics, great gore, plenty of swearing, and a complen and intriguing story keep u guessing till the very end.
Killer7 owns. Another game to show that gamecube isnt just for 5th graders.
by Co-Captain Jack August 06, 2006
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By far the best gamecube game and resident evil game ever. good scares, awesome gore, great script, and unbelivable sound and graphics make this the most breath taking graphical and action game for gamecube. it fucking owns an di fucking love it.
Best game ever for gamecube. By far. Resident Evil 4 is the greatest.
by Co-Captain Jack August 06, 2006
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