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The using of the word 'AngelDust' is rather ironic, as it is the street name for PCP, the most scariest motherfucker drug on the planet...
PCP should be called Devildust. It can bring on violent behaviour from users, along with hallucinations..which obviously would not bvring a positive affect. but not just taht, it is also very harmful from a onetime usage standpoint; it can cause seizures, comas, and even death; and thats without even overdosing, it all depends on how you react to it. DANGEROUS.

in its un refined state, it is a white crystalline powder. in the street, it is available as a tablet, a liquid, and powder form. it can be smoked in a joint, if you lace marijuana with it.

"d00d, my friend tried some Angel Dust...he went insane, tore apart his house and killed his dog.."
by TOOMIS May 24, 2006
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John asked me for some Angeldust, but i didn't know what the hell he was talking about until Dad told me what it was.
by dieourumov July 22, 2004
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a kinky ass bitch ass spider who wears the kinky ass boots and can probably stangle you with his 3 sets of arms. fucking stan him or die.
kinky spider : i can suck your dick

deer ass bitch : mmmmaybe

(yes i was high making this definition)

(also urban dictionary made me write angel dust in the example so ignore this lmao)
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by kinkyspiderlegs October 03, 2020
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Angel Dust is the street name for the drug Phencyclidine (PCP).
PCP one of the most dangerous drugs you can get/take. It is very powerful, it can alter people's state of mind and personality, some people are completely unrecognisable while under the influence of PCP.
'Angel Dust', as it is more commonly known, is a white crystalline powder. However, when sold on the street, it is available as a tablet, a liquid, or in powder form, where it will most likely have been mixed with other substances such as Heroin. It can also be smoked in a joint, if you lace marijuana with it.
People who take PCP become extremely violent and aggressive, and some users have been known to commit crimes, even to the extent of murder and suicide.
You do not have to Overdose from 'Angel Dust' for extreme adverse effects to happen. From only one use, it can cause the user to have seizures, fall into comas, and even lead to eventual death.
My friend Paul tried Angel Dust, he went insane and tried to tear off his own arm with his bare hands. He hasn't been the same since then, he's a totally different person.
by LMRLANCS January 27, 2008
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