3 definitions by luca89

1.Made up Arabic word used in the movie "Team America World Police"
2. Commonly used to refer to brown people or terrorists
3. Can be used when someone has nothing else to say,or to break an awkward silence
4. Queen of Spades in the game of "Hearts"
1. "Derka Derka,Mohammad Jihad"
2. "Holy shit dude look at all those Derka's living in one house, and piling out of that cramed minivan!"
3. ".....DEEERRKKAA!"
4. "I picked up the Derka!"
by luca89 May 18, 2006
"a demon form hell sent to suck the life out of men" -South Park

a controlling girlfriend who has her boyfriend whipped so bad that u never get to hang out with him or see him anymore and will ditch his buddies for her anytime. he is so whipped its sad. so very very sad.
damn mike your girlfirned is such a succubus!
I havnt seen that kid ever since he started dating that succubus
by luca89 March 23, 2006
1. The drug phencyclidine. Causes you to hallucinate and fucks up all ur sences. Really bad. Commomly referred to as angel dust. *Keep it clean, keep it green!*
2. Also stands for a type of lame party that consits of Pizza, Chips, and Parents. Sometimes also referred to as Pop, Chips, and Parents or Popcorn, Chips, and Parents
1. "That shermhead was so fucked on PCP that he jumped infront of the subway train"
2. "This PCP party is so lame. I'm going home to smoke a fatty.
by luca89 May 18, 2006