when someone has a really good come back and beats u in the arguement!
"kelly i such a slag she slept with kevin"
" well why not i mean it's not like u and him r doing nething...OWNED!"
by sophiee December 10, 2005
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"Owned, resulting back in the Ultima Online days is a word depicing victory over another person or thing. Being passed up into the new generation of games and even in real conversations the word has come a long way since it was started by us old UO boys"

That is wrong, "owned" was being used back in the Wolf3d days, back in the ORIGINAL quake and duke3d games, back in the days of the TEXT version of aol, back in the compuserve and prodigy days. its not a new term, and it is AT LEAST 10 years old... Check ya calenders.
i just owned this forum with the correct definition.
by {MD}ProPain December 16, 2003
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A victory cry used when having conquered or captured something, especially computer servers or human egos.
A: She fell for the goatse.cx link.
B: Heh! Owned.
by THE MAN October 10, 2002
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to beat (win), to beat(cause injury), to embarass, to be injured by a random catastrophy variant:pwned
"Michael Jordan would own Shaq at basketball any day"
"Did you see that video of that kid getting run over by that car? Owned!"
by Tomsoma March 01, 2004
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To be completely and wholly dominated, usually through some form of violence or physical action, without contest, in a very short amount of time. The person being owned is almost always caught unaware. Often shouted out loud by viewing audience.
Zidane owned Materazzi with a headbutt in front of approximately two billion people during the World Cup.
by eDs101 July 11, 2006
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The term "Owned" was originally conjured circa 1986 by a small Canadian Apple II user's group in Langley, BC. Primary usage was similar to current internet vernacular, but was usually restricted to computer hardware and not gaming.

Use was slightly adapted to indicate superiority over another person. Or to declare that said person is merely chattel.
Man, the Apple so owns(owned) the C64!

I *own* people like you!
by E. Thwaites February 08, 2004
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Generic gaming slang referring to a scenario where a player or any other target is destroyed or significantly damaged in a very efficient manner. Often used to refer to a humiliation.
"Haha you owned that guy big time"
by James Trainor December 29, 2005
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