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Other word for slut.
Yo slart, get yo fat ass over here.
Why not go fuck that slart.
Dude, your girlfriend is a dirty slart.
What a fucken slart.
by DaN` July 08, 2003

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It kind of speaks for itself. But for those who are that stupid it means Fuck It without the middle space.
Man.. Fuckitttttt
You know what, fuckit.
I cant be fucked aye fuckit.
by DaN` July 08, 2003

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The Fat One, is what i have and what you love to eat in your spare time.
Yeh you love The Fat One.
Eat The Fat One bitch.
Why dont you just go eat The Fat One..
by DaN` July 08, 2003

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UO, short for Ultima Online is a well known widely played game, its been around for many years and is still a sweet game.
I needa get my hands on a UO disc man!
Fuck that shit im playing UO dude.
Gimme a minute baby im playing UO atm.
UO is teh mad not.
by DaN` July 08, 2003

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Owned, resulting back in the Ultima Online days is a word depicing victory over another person or thing. Being passed up into the new generation of games and even in real conversations the word has come a long way since it was started by us old UO boys
* That mofo just got owned like a bitch.
* Hahahahaha Fucken Owned
* Man you got owned like a motherfucker
by DaN` July 08, 2003

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Repitition is the definition of the collision of similar compositions of words and shit. and shit. and shit
Repitition Repitition Repitition
Stabby Stabby Stabby Stabby
by DaN` July 10, 2003

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