Ultima online, a game which made me tons of gold as I griefed, looted, and harrassed other players.
I cashed out right around AOS and made over 2 grand on ebay with a shitty thief account with a mule. I won UO.
by Secret Gimp January 4, 2005
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Ultima online or UO, was one of the first commercial MMORPG. While other MMO try to be a good and fun game, UO aimed something different, more like a phantasy life sim, quasi-
real society where you live, breathe and die in. There were player who would be top brand garment shop owners, town
thieves, woodchucks would sell few thousands of log for carpainter player in in-game-gold or real-money, the carpainter could use the logs to make furniture, and wealthy monster hunters with houses would buy furniture so they could decorate homes and invite friends. In rare cases some player were land estates or inter-server-money exchanger.
It was designed so that where there were a good hunting place, there were lots of people. Where there were lots of rich people, killers would raid oftain. Because there were killers on the loose, people would bind together as a guild and guard each other. There were afew self proclaimed bounty hounters too.
Once the disgner team promised players that worlds would be without restrictions ,no nurturing from the server moderators/game designers, self governed and self managed by player themselves, but that never came true (except for the dedicated hard core servers Seige Perilous and Mugen, of wich Mugen thrived at first then quickly dwindled to a tickle), and with each passing patch, UO became more and more care bear like, spoon fed nurturing game. This was probably because they were wishing player would restrain them selves, rely on good taste, would mind their manners-
most of the time, and most importantly knowing that something can be done is not something that should be done every five minutes.
Ultima Online-they created worlds.
by rants00 September 8, 2006
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A very popular MMORPG that maintains a playerbase of whiners, eBay gods, arti whores, pwners, pee kay ers and other such assorted players who are fed up with the game but refuse to quit and instead do everything in their power to ruin the gaming experience of everyone they possibly can.
Despite the fact everyone who plays Ultima Online hates it, it's still an extremely popular MMORPG, because most of these people have moronically invested hundreds of dollars in in-game items on eBay.
by TaintedMustard September 25, 2004
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Once the greatest game I ever played. Gotten exponentially worse every year. Technically dead when Age of shadows (See: ruination) blew over.
by Not Zane July 21, 2004
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A once great and successful MMORPG that was nerfed beyond recognition in '00-'01... Despite the fact much was nerfed/neon colored the game still held good PvP after '00, however, with its newest release AoS (Age of Shadows) The last shred of what once was UO has become a diablo 2 knock off.
EA Sucks they destroyed Ultima Online, I remember when I played that game like it was my life back in '98
by Azaroth March 26, 2004
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Online game whos developers constantly change trying to get more users to sign up, all the while nerfing all the classes periodically.
by Fakie May 5, 2003
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