by Phibun December 17, 2021
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Something you say, when you try to laugh, but in the back of your mind your thinking, oh my god, this asshole needs to die.
HAHAHAHAHA, shut the fuck up before I shoot you and your little dog
by Phil the azn May 24, 2004
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your so dumb HAHAHAHAHA
by RoweBoi April 6, 2021
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Mark: oh hey brother

Jack: hi
Mark: wanna hear a joke
Jack: yes
Mark: you
Jack: *cries soooo hard*
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laughing just laughing What did you expect someone dying
why did the chicken cross the ro-- HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
by Uglyguy101 March 21, 2018
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Something people only say when they are being sarcastic
Person 1: your ugly
Person 2: Hahahahaha f*ck you
by E81LY April 25, 2019
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