When yo girl suckin yo dick and she keep goin after you cum.
Person 1. My girl overloaded me last night!

Person 2. Nice!
by ThCtzer March 6, 2018
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When a really big person enters a lift and overloads it. A warning will be illustrated or heard in the lift, OVERLOAD WILL THE LAST PERSON PLEASE EXIT THE LIFT.
"James you overloaded the lift, get off and go up the stairs u might lose them man tits!"
by Paul Arnott October 9, 2007
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When something is so immensely cute, overload encompasses the object that is cute and the feeling of cute. The viewer becomes completely whelmed, thus one's feelings goes on overload. And the object of cuteness is an overload of cute.
1) I am so on overload by this cute puppy! 2) This cute pupppy is so cute overload.
by spudart February 8, 2012
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The act of taking a rip of a bowl, hitting a hookah until your lungs are completely full of smoke, and then holding it in as long as possible. This is more of an act of showmanship than anything, because no extensive research has been done to see if it enhances the high and/or causes you to get high faster. This is most likely the case though, as holding it in longer allows your lungs to completely absorb all applicable substances. While experimenting with the process I noticed that while high one is able to hold one's breath significantly longer than while sober. This is what makes the Overload potentially dangerous as an individual will not be able to comprehend the extreme amount of time they have been holding their breath and black out. Therefore, it is advised that one does not partake in this activity alone. Hypothetically speaking, the Overload could be done with a bong or a joint, but it has never been attempted.
After ripping the bowl, Edmund surprised everyone by picking up the hose and attempting the infamous "Overload."
by zosorunez August 24, 2008
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an act of not masterbating for a very long period of time then finally masterbating and having the biggest orgasm ever seen on the face of the earth.
Steve hasnt masterbated for three weeks so when he finally did, he had an overload.
by superAsian December 17, 2008
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When your hard drive has so many thousands of files of lolcats that your computer literally explodes.
Donny: Were living in this homeless shelter now because my dumbass brother had a lolcat overload.
Homeless man: Hmm....fascinating.
by maxatron December 22, 2008
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and overload of cuteness, when something or someone is so super cute that there is no word for, now there is
a person, a baby, a couple, a picture, a puppy...almost everything can have a cuteness overload
by Miyabiko May 13, 2008
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