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lumps of fat on a man where tits would be found on a woman
did you see davidson he had bare man tits blood
by jesus h christ April 02, 2003
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Fat formations on a man that accumulate where a woman has her milky makers. Sometimes man tits are made when a man over exercisez her upper body creating some A cup t-shirt fillers. Not usually considered sexy, the man tits are usually looked down upon, expecially when they match or exceed the cup size of some women.
"Look at her boyfriend, he's got bigger man tits than she does!"
by JtothaC March 14, 2005
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if your a man look down(if you look down and cant see your dick)
austin:nice tits
kyle: what are you talking about

austin: cho man tits
by Kyle McCumbee September 09, 2012
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1. big breasts on a man that are composed of mostly fat and little to no muscle
2. commonly on tall kids who just happen to be big breasted
Colin has HUGE man tits!
Patrick's man tits are definetly bigger dude!
by no ed February 01, 2007
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The disporportionately large pectoral muscles that a man develops when he spends too much time at the gym working his mirror muscles. Often accentuated by waxing.
A: Do you think that guy's hot?
B: What? No! Look at those man tits. He needs to get a life and spend less time at the gym.

Personal trainer: So what can I do for you?
Customer: I want to get in shape, but I don't want man tits or anything.
by Robertito March 21, 2012
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A very fat person. Most likely white and plays video games.
Most likely fat and short, and very whte
Zach is Jeremy's bitch. Jeremy usually yells "mantits" when he is racist to his blackness or just being strange
by mark pnts May 12, 2006
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