Having doggy stlye inercourse with a woman while inserting a small cardboard box into her anus.
Having sex in a public place in which a homeless person would sleep, such as a box or a dumpster.
Mark: Hey Mike! I heard Joe gave out a homeless man behind Denny's last night!
by Chemical Taint October 15, 2006
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Usually someone with Black hair and blue eyes with the name of Tom usually, that lives in a cardboard box. Although very dirty, he is sexy and he will take you in his box for a good time c;
oooo! That homeless man wants to take me into his box, I think its Tom!
by >:)notEthan._. October 29, 2020
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The act of ripping a female's eye out with a coat hanger, pooping in the empty eyesocket, and fucking her now poo-lubricated eyehole
I gave tht hoe a Dirty homeless man
by HAPPYCHRIS1233 June 18, 2009
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The dude in the back asleep on a subway without pants on
Dude who’s that
Oh it’s the homeless man on a subway
by Bossman227 May 21, 2018
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When one sexual partner shoves an article of clothing up another partner's asshole, and then yanks it out to create intense butthole pleasures.
Hey Sue, I've got an empty tank down there, Homeless Man's Closet?

Hey Bert, should we send this Blazer to goodwill, or use it for a Homeless Man's Closet?
by Miles Faggerton August 3, 2015
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It's liquid DFE(1,1,-difluoroethane) that's commonly sold in certain stores as computer duster. It is used when neither dry ice or liquid nitrogen is obtainable. It's usually used for science, to freeze things, or just for fun cooling thermometers, water, or some insects. The computer duster can is used for dusting off the dust from computers using the DFE gas. however, when turned upside-down, it provides a frostbite causing super-cold liquid that's -25 degrees Celsius(-12 degrees Fahrenheit) or colder. It is sometimes(very very rarely) used to try to liquefy formaldehyde or other gases, but due to the toxicity of these gases, a gas mask is recommended. It can liquefy butane, a far less toxic, but highly flammable gas. Getting Homeless man's liquid nitrogen on skin can be deadly, as frostbite can occur. It's a cryogenic liquid.
Dude, I just froze some cockroaches, a container of water, and liquefied a gas using Homeless man's liquid nitrogen.
by CognitiveFuel November 1, 2013
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Elia V.

A child of many mysteries, a phenomenon, may have come from Area 51
Oh my god, Elia, the homeless hairy man baby is coming!!
by uncookedgarbanzobean9 July 28, 2019
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