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A term used simply to say that you are going to go blow some guy's head off in Fallout 3.
"Hey, i'm gonna go V.A.T.S.-ing near Galaxy News Radio, be back around 5."
by maxatron January 11, 2009
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A common request to camwhores on 4chan asking what objects anonymous would like seen in any given orfice of her body. Unfortunatly, the camwhore never delivers pictures.
Camwhore: What does anon want in my pooper?
(100 posts later)
Anonymous: Sharpie in the pooper!

Que 200 angry "OP doesn't deliver" posts.
by maxatron July 30, 2009
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if you type in these exact numbers on a calculator and turn it upside-down, your calculator should say Oboe Shoes, an Oboe is a type of instrument, similar to a clarinet.
Look i can make mine say "Oboe Shoes"! (shows calculator with 530453080 written on it)
by maxatron January 6, 2009
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The best deal in video game history. You get 5 of the best games ever made, that you will play over and over for hours on end for $20 dollars. i mean seriously, what more could one want from a video game?

The Orange Box includes:

Half life 2

Half life 2: Episode 1

Half life 2: Episode 2


Team Fortress 2
You're basically paying $4.00 per game on The Orange Box. You can't get any better than that. EVER.
by maxatron August 3, 2009
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While writing a phrase or word the begins with the letter C, the C is then replaced with the letter K to make it sound Kool. This type of vocabulary can always makes the most dull sentances look so much more intesne.
Regular sentance: "I must now Combat with the mighty Comotose Crabs of Concubine and Crush the Crazy Cougars before the great Crackers of Canada Cock block all the Crackreads in Columbia."

Kool Sentance: "I must now Kombat with the mighty Komotose Krabs of Konkubine and Krush the Krazy Kougars before the great Krackers of Kanada Kock block all the Krackheads in Kolumbia."

Mortal Kombat Vocabulary is the Key to Kool writing.
by maxatron July 30, 2009
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a term used to replace "nigga please" so if you say it to someone they cant get mad at you for a racial slur.
Mike: Yo man you wanna bite of this turkey sammich?
John:Ninja plz! I aint need no taste of yo grubby lil sammy!
Mike:Hey dont call me a nig...oh wait nevermind.
by maxatron January 8, 2009
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Hands down, the most fun class in Team Fortress 2. Among being able to disguise himself as a member of the other team, He can also turn invisable, and is very skilled in the art of having sex with your mom. The Spy is equipped with a knife that when stabbed into the back of some Sniper mother fucker (or anyone for that matter), kills them instantly. The Spy also has a quite powerful revolver known as the Ambassador, that can distribute a great deal of damage when shot in the head. The Spy has a tiny machine called an electro sapper which can disable any "building" created by an Engineer.
by maxatron July 30, 2009
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